Compared to groundnut oil

TQ OMEGA Plus lasts far longer and costs much less.

Some groundnut oil can breakdown very quickly but TQ OMEGA Plusoil lasts far longer than even the best/’stable’ groundnut.   ‘Rancimat (longevity test in hours)
Groundnut – 5 hours v TQ OMEGA Plus – 11 hours.

No allergen declaration required.

Quality – Extremely consistent. None of the foaming, frothing going dark and breaking down issues that some groundnut has.

TQ OMEGA Plus is also a liquid oil but will not set solid in extreme cold temperatures.

Price – TQ OMEGA Plus is around £10 per drum less than groundnut oil (July 2017 TQ groundnut oil £37.90/20l, TQ Omega Plus £25.90/20l)

Remember if it doesn’t say Omega on the outside it’s not Omega inside.